(Arch) Linux on Asus Zenbook UX32VD

I think the Asus Zenbook series and especially the new generation with Ivy Bridge architecture is a very attractive notebook series. But as it is the case for other new hardware it is not alwaysthat simple to install linux. I will show how to install Arch linux on the newest Asus Zenbook UX32VD.

In-Memory Fuzzing on embedded Systems

Fuzz testing or Fuzzing is a method to test software for bugs and vulnerabilities. It
is an important link in the chain of software-testing and enables automated software
tests from an applications view, and not like other testing methods from a source
code view.

Securing WCF

Securing a WCF service is quite easy but several methods with different fields of applications exist. This post describes the different available securing mechanisms and how they are set up.

Securing your network service is important because if a service is not secured every peer on your communication way can read your communication.

Basically two different approaches of securing a service exist:

WCF and Android Part II

The first part of this series WCF and Android Part I describes how to setup a JSON REST WCF service. This post shows how to consume this service using Android.

WCF and Android Part I

The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) provides a very flexible way of exposing network interfaces to other applications. For cross platform and inter programming language support basically two technologies can be used. SOAP and REST services. The SOAP approach provides far more features out of the box but is not really suitable for mobile devices if speed matters. Therefore this article describes how to create a REST WCF-Webservice which can be consumed on android devices.

Listview with custom scrollbars

From time to time a come accross postings of guys asking if it's possible to replace the Listviews builtin scroll bars. The answers vary in a wide range. Everything is included, from "not possible" to nice hacks. Maybe i missed something, but i have not found any nice 'download-extract-run' solution :-)
Another thing that was not included (i think) in a single post was how to attach a custom scroll bar, and with custom i don't mean a user-drawn Windows scroll bar.

Reverse Debugging using GDB

The GNU Debugger is a feature-rich open source debugging suite. It's console based and can easily be extended using integrated development environments like Eclipse or Netbeans or with dedicated graphical interfaces like ddd.
But also Emacs, THE all-round text-based editor for all appliances, provides a nice interface to communicate with GDB in an effective way (once you have pushed all the shortcuts in your head ;) ). This article goes beyond next, single-step and continue (GDB commands, don't worry if you are not familiar with them) and shows you the reverse-debugging technique, gives you some background and shows you how to use it.

Capture telephone numbers from connected modems using .NET (C#)

Some applications may require you to capture the telephone numbers of incoming calls. This can be achieved by some external (maybe native) libraries, i prefer to do it in a fully managed way (as far as possible).
I have implemented incoming call detection in C# for analog modem devices, connected through a (virtual) serial port and for CAPI devices (currently only for windows).

Reflective factory for .NET (C#)

What is this about? It is about creating instances of classes in a simple AND extensible way.

Applications should always be built in a modular way, to illustrate this let us look at a simple client-server application.

String formatting made easy for .NET

Everyone who is used to .NET framework knows string.format. It's quite powerful in formatting all kind of objects and also has some aligning features. I wrote my own simple string formatting class, with a bit different alignment possibilities, with text macro support and missing macro callbacks.


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