(Arch) Linux on Asus Zenbook UX32VD

I think the Asus Zenbook series and especially the new generation with Ivy Bridge architecture is a very attractive notebook series. But as it is the case for other new hardware it is not alwaysthat simple to install linux. I will show how to install Arch linux on the newest Asus Zenbook UX32VD.

Installation media

The official installation media are fairly old (late 2011). Generally this is no problem, but using the old installation media the kernel refuses to switch the console mode (add nomodeset to kernel parameters) and it is (at least on my system) not possible to partition the harddisk.
But there is another archlinux project called archboot which provides unofficial, recent arch linux installation images. Grab the latest one and put it on a usb device with the command:

dd if=/path/to/iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M

Now you should be able to boot the Zenbook from your usb device.

Establish network connection

Using the newest kernel the provided usb-to-network adapter should work out of the box. If no wired network is available check out this wiki article.


Proceed with the installation as usual but don't forget to leave the first partition of the harddrive untouched, because this is where the EFI image is placed. Once the installation completed reboot and enter the UEFI configuration by pressing F2 at the start screen. Go to the boot menu, add another boot entry Arch Linux with the path \EFI\arch_grub\grubx64.efi and check that it is selected in the boot order.


    Touchpad: Once xf86-input-synaptics is installed, the touchpad including multitouch (scrolling, middlle button, right button) works out of the box
    Sound: Works, using pulseaudio
    Webcam: Works
    MiniVGA to VGA: Works
    Wifi: Works with wicd. I could not get networkmanager to run.
    Bluetooth: Works

What has not been tested so far?

Bumblebee for nvidia optimus support, ssd cache using flashcache, HDMI output.