doTSS - An easy to use and portable Trusted Software Stack

More and more computers, and even mobile devices are equipped with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). But it is hard for ordinary users and even for developers to use TPMs because many of the existing frameworks require in-depth knowledge of the TPM, therefore it is also hard to create simple-to-use applications for end-users.

doTSS is a simple to use framework that provides the TPM functionality in a simple way to developers and therefore to theFor more information, latest changes and latest applications concerning doTSS please visit end-user.


Trusted Platform Modules revisited

This article is about Trusted Platform Modules (or TPM).

These are small modules that may be build into your computer. Most modern laptops are equipped with such a module, or not it depends on your manufacturer. You may have heard about TPMs in another, evil context. In some kind associated with the terms "TCPA" (old, deprecated name), "DRM" (digital rights management), "evil", "bill gates", "music industry controls your computer" and so on ;-)


Autostart VNC instances for several users

I hava the following situation. There is a computer (in my case it's a HTPC running Ubuntu, but i think it should work on all distributions) running some kind of software on the primary display, which you can not disturb. It would be really annoying to pause any TV playback just to do some stuff on the computer.

Now you have some options how to solve this.

Android GPS Tracking

For quite a while now i wanted to program something for the android platform, and dive into the holy world of google, but i really never had time to do any investigation on that platform , maybe just because lack of any good and reasonable project.

Electronic cash terminal

Have you ever thought "How can i integrate such cool cash terminals like every bigger company has in my own application?"
Well ... if not, i did that for you. ;-)


Include scripting engine in your own application

Have you ever thought about including a scripting engine into your application? Maybe for advanced users, or just to be able to automate some things?

Really machine independent binary files with c#

When it first comes to really portable programs which run on several machine architectures (like PC and PocketPC) you will notice that 'managed' is NOT always 'managed'.
The problem is that different processor architectures use different Endianness, meaning the memory is organized in a different way.

Use your webcam with c#

Today my challenge was to extend an existing user management with pictures of the users. It should be able to import external pictures but it should also be possible to directly import the pictures from attached video devices, like webcams.

So i was looking for a ready-to-use .net webcam library.

Windows Server Backup

A few days ago i was confronted with the problem to automatically backup some data directories once a day. I was looking for a free solution, but all i found where solutions that do a full backup everytime. That would be very space consuming, so i was looking for a solution that can do incremental backups.


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