doTSS - An easy to use and portable Trusted Software Stack

More and more computers, and even mobile devices are equipped with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). But it is hard for ordinary users and even for developers to use TPMs because many of the existing frameworks require in-depth knowledge of the TPM, therefore it is also hard to create simple-to-use applications for end-users.

doTSS is a simple to use framework that provides the TPM functionality in a simple way to developers and therefore to theFor more information, latest changes and latest applications concerning doTSS please visit end-user.


Trusted Platform Modules revisited

This article is about Trusted Platform Modules (or TPM).

These are small modules that may be build into your computer. Most modern laptops are equipped with such a module, or not it depends on your manufacturer. You may have heard about TPMs in another, evil context. In some kind associated with the terms "TCPA" (old, deprecated name), "DRM" (digital rights management), "evil", "bill gates", "music industry controls your computer" and so on ;-)

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